A Substance Use Disorder Facility for Alcohol, Drug and Behavior Addictions


Galino House

Galino House Substance Use Disorder Facility has been established primarily due to a dire need for effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment for the Free State and Northern Cape areas of South Africa.

It has established itself as an international participant in this challenging field of treatment. The clinical experience collaborated into it ensures a center driven towards best professional and excellent comprehensive care for its patients.

Galino House treats drug, alcohol and behavioral addiction as an illness. It is based on the Minnesota model of treatment (12 steps). Galino House has a multi-disciplinary team in place to allow for excellent care, based on evidence standards of practice. Our therapeutic team carries numerous years of experience within this very specific field.

The facility is set in the beautiful and upmarket area of Heuwelsig, Bloemfontein in the Free State province of South Africa. It offers tranquility and an idyllic setting which is necessary to facilitate the process of recovery.

We have a holistic approach to recovery by focusing on the mind, body and spirit. Our main aim is to guide people in attaining recovery through freedom from addiction and a restoration to a constructive life in all aspects.

Galino House caters for South Africans and patients from abroad who require treatment. Due to the expensive nature of addiction treatment, South Africa has become a well-known destination for international patients looking for a cost-effective yet world class treatment.


Based on the apparation of its founders, Galino House has the vision to treat all aspects of addiction by treating the disease of addiction in the wider sense. We strive to assist participants in leading an addiction free, full and happy lives while focusing on the body, mind and soul.


The therapeutic team consists out of doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers, nurses and specialized addiction counsellors with expertise in treating addiction. Our standard meets international requirements with affiliations to professional organizations abroad such as the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counsellors.


The human sciences are constantly evolving and our team remains on top of all new developments ensuring the best treatment possible. We have limited our patient groups to allow for comprehensive and personalised care. The program is designed to cover all aspects of the patient’s needs and is strongly based on the individual’s developmental planning.


Set in the beautiful region of the Free State in South Africa, Galino House offers a world class service to help begin the restorative process.

The facility offers experienced medical care and counselling in a tranquil setting, enhanced by the stunning natural environment and views. World-class medical facilities are on our doorstep if required.

A professional specialised facility with uniquely qualified staff ensures a lasting and profound experience.







Treatment OVERVIEW

Program Overview

The program has been designed to offer specialised care specific to the addictions. This highly specialized treatment program is designed in accordance with this. It focuses on all aspects of the patient’s well-being. Each patient is assessed individually and their program specifically tailored to meet their needs.

The staff has numerous years of experience and training is driven by accredited and qualified staff to ensure the highest standard of treatment effectiveness.

Treatment is offered in different formats some of which being individual counselling, group therapy, family sessions, educational groups, focused groups as well as a weekly meeting goal setting group. We address the much needed physical aspects such as nutrition, exercise, relaxation and recreation.


Within the Program We Offer

  • counselling sessions
  • assessments by the psychiatrist / psychologist if required
  • group therapy
  • motivational talks
  • educational materials
  • written assignments
  • weekly goal setting
  • eating disorder / nutritional groups
  • big book study groups
  • community groups
  • planning groups
  • family sessions
  • anger / stress management
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